Art At Butler University

Butler University; Indianapolis, IN
A collection of Art + Design student and alumni work.
We believe that the application of these 6 principles will help us succeed: Integration, Creativity, Flexibility, Sustainability, Collaboration, & Leadership.

Permalink Graphic Design posters byt Amber Mills
Permalink Charcoal drawing by Bekah Pollard
Permalink Graphic Design poster by Sophomore, Bekah Pollard
Permalink Art Now poster for this past fall
Permalink Graphic Design poster by Sophomore Joel Fuller
This is the cover to his first official comic book, illustrated and designed by Fuller
*snaps to him
Permalink Another professional display by Sophomore Alyssa Dyke at First Fridays (middle painting) *snaps to her
Permalink Art Now poster for last spring by (then) Junior, Amber Mils
Permalink Graphic Design by Sophomore, Bekah Pollard
Permalink Seniors Kelsey Nylin (left) and Seridan Gallagher (right) support Professor Gautam Rao at his display at First Fridays.
Permalink Charcoal drawing by (then) sophomore, Jasmine Gonsalves
Permalink Drawing by (then) freshman, Bekah Pollard
Permalink Drawing critiques from fall of 2011
Permalink Painting by Butler artist, Julianne
Permalink "Be Creative"
3D print by Art major, Jasmine Gonsalves
Permalink Our PCA students are so talented! Maybe they should add an Art + Design major.